Last Person That:
Slept in your bed besides you? my baby nephew
Saw you cry? no idea
You went to the movies with? abby
You went out to dinner with? my mom and sister
You talked on the phone to? abby
Made you laugh? nichkhun (i was watching his show today)

Would You Rather:
Pierce your nose or your tongue? nose
Be serious or be funny? funny
Drink whole or skimmed milk? whole
Die in a fire or drowning? fire
Spend time with your parent(s) or enemies? parents

Are You?:
Simple or complicated? single
Straight, gay or bisexual? straight
Tall or short? short
Right handed or left handed? right
A lover of music or a lover of books? both

Do You Prefer?:
Flowers or sweets? either
Grey or black? black
Colour photos or black-and-white photos? color
Sunrise or sunset? sunset
M&Ms or Skittles? m&ms
Staying up late or waking up early? staying up late
Sun or moon? moon
Winter or Autumn? autumn
10 acquaintances or 2 best friends? 2 best friends
Rainy or sunny? rainy
Vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream? chocolate
Vodka or Jack? vodka

About You:
Name? emily
Nicknames? em, emmy
When is your birthday? december 6
How many kids do you want? none
What would you name a girl? kaylee
What would you name a boy? james
What kind of music do you like? anything, kpop

Nervous habits? biting my nails, fidgeting
Are you double-jointed? nope
Can you roll your tongue? nope
Can you raise one eyebrow? nope
Can you cross your eyes? nope

Which shoe goes on first? the closest one
Ever thrown something at someone? probably
On average, how much money do you carry with you? none, just my card
What jewelry do you wear? rings! i always wear 4 of them. necklaces sometimes, when i’m not lazy
Do you twirl or cut spaghetti? twirl
Have you ever eaten Spam? nope
Favorite ice cream? chocolate chip cookie dough
How many kinds of cereal are in your cupboard? 5
Can you cook?  does mac and cheese count?

Alcoholic beverage? amaretto sour yesterday
Car ride? a week ago
Song played? femm - girls night out
Person you saw? my mom

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Another Meme I Won’t Finish: [8/10] TV Shows » Nikita
↳ “Few things say ‘I love you’ like a bullet to a non-essential area.”

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"The sniper, he was a kid. He was maybe twelve years old. Maybe. So I hesitated….and I got my brother killed…I’m so sorry. I am so sorry. I am so sorry…”

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Nichkhun - One and a Half Summer (1/2)

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jackson’s type of aegyo 
jackson’s type of aegyo 

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'A TALK' poster image
'A TALK' poster image

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They are ruining marriage, by setting the bar WAY too high. 

Perfect couple is perfect.

Perfectly perfect perfection.

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